Our necklaces

Bim Bam Bags

Each bim bam bold beauty is wrapped in a cute gift bag! These colorful bags are handmade by our mom, Wilma.

So cute!
  • Concept store owner (FR)

    "You create all the shapes by hand? I just ask because they seem so great that I could think about moulds! I really love them and find them just crazy perfect!"

  • Dorien (NL)

    "I really loved the custom necklace Studio Bim Bam made for me! I had a lot of fun composting the necklace toghether with Bim Bam Emma. They matched my colour block dad sneakers perfectly."

  • Abbie (UK)

    "Honestly, that necklace I've had for a few years now and I can hand in heart say I wear it at least 3 times a week. When my boyfriend proposed, I said, it's a beautiful ring but it will never beat the necklace you bought me" - about the Bim Bam Playdate multi necklace

bim bam

We are studio Bim Bam, two sisters from the Netherlands who made the best decision ever: TO TEAM UP and built our own small family business together! We make all kinds of cute clay accessories that add colour, fun & quirk to your day!

Ps: on this picture you can spot Emma (Bim)

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